Work with Me

This is a picture of part of my office. It's very living-room like!
This is a picture of part of my office. It’s very living-room like

I have a few slots open right now, and I’d love to connect with you.

On this page, I’ll outline a little bit about what you can expect from our meeting. From here, you’ll be able to book your first session.

Connection and conversation, no clipboards!

Your first session is a time for us to connect. It’s just half an hour long, because we generally know in that length of time that we want to work together. Clients usually schedule their first full-length session somewhere between a couple days and a week later, depending on availability.  This first conversation is just a time for us to connect and for you to be sure this feels right.  You’ll tell me about what’s happening for you, and you get to ask any questions you have. I connect with you right where you are, and often, clients leave with a sense of relief and hope – and a new weekly appointment with me! These sessions are sometimes quiet and reflective and sometimes lively and fun. My commitment to you is that I’ll do everything I can to help you leave with a sense of connection and hope.

“What’s your fee?”

Since the consultation is just half-length, I charge just $80 for that.

Most clients sign up for four sessions at a time, and my rate per session is  $140 when you sign up for four sessions within a four week window. Most clients find that weekly meetings give us the strongest start and the best momentum, so generally my clients are paying for four sessions at a time, which shakes out to $560. If you’d like to book more intermittently, let me know so we can discuss the pricing and the how and when so we can find a way to work with each other’s schedules. It’s more complicated than setting a weekly time, but it’s usually doable.

“I’m ready to see you!”

Great! Just follow the steps below to schedule and pay for your initial session ($80). After you schedule, pay, and fill out my question form online, I’ll confirm our appointment, and we’ll see each other soon!

Three steps to seeing me in person:

1. Fill out my brief “getting to know you” form. 

Help Me Get To Know You

2. Schedule your initial session, using the form below. Be sure to specify correctly if this will be in-person or online!

3. Show up at the appointed time! (Online or in person.)My office is at 260 SW Madison Ave, Suite 104-5, in Corvallis. If we’re meeting online, you’ll see my Zoom link when you get your appointment confirmation in your inbox.

My phone number is (541)224-6732.

I’m looking forward to meeting with you!