Work with Me

This is a picture of part of my office. It's very living-room like!
This is a picture of part of my office. It’s very living-room like

I have a few slots open right now, and I’d love to connect with you.

On this page, I’ll outline a little bit about what you can expect from our meeting. From here, you’ll be able to book your first session.

“What’s the first session like?”

Your first session is a time for us to connect. We look compassionately at the places in your life that are causing pain, and we work out a map for how to look at your struggles and to find ways of moving forward. We put our heads and hearts together, and we look for places of connection and hope even while we look at places of deep pain. Generally, clients talk about a sense of hope and newfound clarity from this session. I go for something new each session, something you can take home with you, whether it’s a new sense of connection inside your own body, a new sense of safety, or a new resource.

Midway through the session, we’ll talk about moving forward and set up a standing appointment and a monthly payment


“What’s your fee?”

My clients set up a monthly subscription using paypal, or a debit, credit, or rewards card. Rather than billing by the hour, I bill by the month. (It’s so much easier that way! Any of my clients will tell you that, when I’m sitting with someone, my focus is entirely on the interaction.  So setting it up so you can pay me online helps us both: I get to keep my focus on the work I love (working with you!) and you get 100 percent of the session time focused on what you came in to work with. My monthly fee (for four sessions) is $560, which shakes out to an hourly rate of $140 an hour.

“I’m ready to see you!”

Great! Just follow the steps below to schedule and pay for your initial session ($140). After you schedule, pay, and fill out my question form online, I’ll confirm our appointment, and we’ll see each other soon!

Three steps to seeing me in person:

1. Fill out my brief “getting to know you” form. 

Help Me Get To Know You

2. Schedule your initial session, using the form below. Be sure to specify correctly if this will be in-person or online!

3. Show up at the appointed time! (Online or in person.)My office is at 260 SW Madison Ave, Suite 104-5, in Corvallis. If we’re meeting online, you’ll see my Zoom link when you get your appointment confirmation in your inbox.

My phone number is (541)224-6732.

I’m looking forward to meeting with you!