Work with Me

Yes, I have a few slots open right now! You can sign up for your initial session right on this page! 

Note: This page is about my one-on-one counseling services. I also have a weekly DBT-informed skills group, which is quite different: lower cost, less intense, and conducted as a class in my office. See my DBT skills-informed group page.

Who works with me?

This is a picture of part of my office. It's very living-room like!
This is a picture of part of my office. It’s very living-room like

Many of my clients are successful professionals who are having difficulty in their relationships. I’ve had clients who are business owners, nurses, scientists, doctors, lawyers, teachers, massage therapists, healing professionals, and, of course, professors and grad students.  Most look as if they’re feeling and doing fine. And yet, they experience deep pain in close relationships, have difficulty with feeling connected to themselves and to others, and often give to others but have a hard time finding their own voice and their own needs.


These are people who have had a good deal of success in their life, but who have areas of long standing areas of pain, struggle, and who may feel empty or alone in spite of everything.

We’re likely to be a great match if:

  • You’ve read some of my writing and watched a video, and felt like this could be a good match. (New clients tell me all the time that I’m exactly how I am in videos in person, except, of course, that my responses are much more personalized!)
  • You’ve enjoyed other therapies, but are looking for something a bit different from what you’ve already done.
  • You’re highly sensitive and want someone who gets that piece of the puzzle.
  • Past counselors have offered you cognitive strategies or reflective listening, and you’d like something that is a bit more interactive.
  • You’re in a good position in your life to make time for counseling. You can attend sessions most weeks, and you can pay for therapy on an ongoing basis.
  • You’ve felt like some of your biggest feelings or issues were overlooked in other therapies.
  • You felt like your smarts had to stay out of the room in other therapies, and the encouragement to simply talk and feel didn’t quite address your intellect.
  • OR the opposite: Your other counselors were TOO focused on your thoughts and didn’t guide you into more deeply felt experiences.
  • You have feelings and behaviors that bewilder you, and you want to learn about those and find new ways through those moments. You’re hoping for a therapy that can reach places of pain that you maybe haven’t had lots of words for, or that words and insight alone just didn’t really reach.

You should know that not everyone is a match for my services. In fairness to you, I want you to be able to tell if this won’t be a fit.

I won’t be quite the right fit for you if:

  • You’re looking for diagnosis or treatment of mental illness. For that, you’ll want to see someone with the appropriate credentials. My current scope of practice doesn’t involve treatment or diagnosis, but instead focuses both emotionally and somatically to help you find a sense of your core feelings and desires. Clients of mine talk about feeling more “at home” in their bodies, more comfortable with their emotions, and more at ease in relationships.
  • You’ll see only  a counselor who takes your insurance or offers low fees.  (To find someone like that, go to Psychology Today and look up counselors who take your insurance or who take low fee clients.)
  • You’re looking for a therapist who will “just listen”. I do listen, but I’m also interactive and experiential, which means that I help you to deepen your experience of your own body and emotions, and we work together to find new experiences that will take you beyond “just talking” and into deeper levels of insight and transformation.
  • You want to schedule sessions intermittently, on an “as-needed” basis. I require a commitment to at least a month of weekly sessions, so that we can get a powerful start and build safety and momentum together. Consistency really helps with that!
  • Someone else (but not you) thinks you should work with me—and you’re doing this at their insistence, rather than because you want to. If you’re not sure yet or don’t know much about me, look around my webpage a bit and get to know me! It’ll help your comfort level a lot.

“What’s your fee?”

My fee for our initial session is $160.

After we agree to work together, I bill by the month. This allows us to spend 100% of our session time on therapy. My monthly fee is $595, which shakes out to an hourly rate of $138 an hour. My clients set up a monthly subscription (using PayPal, or a debit, credit, or rewards card). The convenience of this automated billing is nice for both of us! You can cancel your subscription at any time, but closing out therapy is a rich process in and of itself, so I recommend that we choose the ending date collaboratively.

If you’re looking for something lower cost, at least at first, or want to kick the tires before committing to one-on-one therapy, my DBT-informed skills class costs between $30 and $60 per session.

“I’m ready to see you!”

Great! I have openings, and I’m happy to schedule with you. Email me at to schedule an appointment.