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Yes, I have a few slots open right now!

Here’s a video about what happens in a consultation. (Note: this video was made YEARS ago, but the general feeling of this still holds quite true. It’s just that consults are on the phone now, so no scheduler to deal with.) Here it is:

Note: This page is about my one-on-one counseling services. I also have a weekly DBT skills group, which for some clients is a great adjunct to individual therapy. Some people attend my class for a low-cost, lower-intensity option.   See my DBT skills group page. The rest of this page is about one-on-one work.

This is a picture of part of my office. It's very living-room like!
This is a picture of part of my office.

“What can we accomplish together?”

The clients who graduate from their work with me mention a sense of deep calm, energy, and connection. They mention things like feeling more compassion for themselves and for others, and also mention feeling more of a sense of freedom, ease, ability to speak up, and ability to settle themselves when times get hard.

Where we go together will depend a lot on your goals, so whether it’s to start sleeping better at night, to have relationships with less turmoil and more ease, or to feel deeper connection to yourself and to others, we can work with it.

A lot of clients mention feeling safe and welcomed right from the start, which helps us to get a good sense of what you need and would like from this process and to begin to feel a sense of hope from the start.

We’re likely to be a great match if:

  • You’ve read some of my writing and watched a video, and felt like this could be a good match. (New clients tell me all the time that I’m exactly how I am in videos in person, except, of course, that my responses are much more personalized!)
  • You’ve enjoyed other therapies, but are looking for something a bit different from what you’ve already done.
  • You’re highly sensitive and want someone who gets that piece of the puzzle.
  • Past counselors have offered you cognitive strategies or reflective listening, and you’d like something that is a bit more interactive or goes a bit deeper.
  • You’re in a good position in your life to make time and room in your schedule and your budget for counseling.
  • You’ve felt like some of your biggest feelings or issues were overlooked in other therapies.
  • You felt like your smarts had to stay out of the room in other therapies, and the encouragement to simply talk and feel didn’t quite address your intellect.
  • OR the opposite: Your other counselors were TOO focused on your thoughts and didn’t guide you into more deeply felt experiences.
  • You have feelings and behaviors that bewilder you, and you want to learn about those and find new ways through those moments. You’re hoping for a therapy that can reach places of pain that you maybe haven’t had lots of words for, or that words and insight alone just didn’t really reach.

“What about insurance and fee?

I don’t take insurance, which has its pros and cons: on the upside, we get to decide together how this work progresses without having to be concerned with insurance companies, authorization, or needing to get an external party’s say-so in order to continue with your work with me.

We’ll discuss my fees when we meet.

Setting up an appointment with me is simple. Just give me a call for a free consultation.

My phone number is (541)224-6732

I’m looking forward to connecting with you!