What is Somatic Therapy?

With techniques from both Somatic Experiencing and Sensorimotor therapy, I help you to listen to your body as well as to your words and your emotions. All parts of your experience are honored, including those that are difficult to put into words. Feelings of sadness, numbness, and shame often  transform, as we find ways for the energy or the stuckness within you to move to resolution.

Here are some things clients say when we use this approach:

  • “For the first time ever, I’m leaving therapy sessions feeling better than when I came in.”
  • “I can feel the power in my own voice now.”
  • “I finally feel like I have a choice in my relationships, and I don’t have to say yes to everyone or push everyone away anymore — I get to listen to what my body says, and make a choice.”
  • “I never realized how adrenalized I was until I found this level of calm. It’s such a change I can hardly believe it!”
  • “After years of talking and journaling about my memories with no lasting relief, I’m finally finding the help I’ve needed. I finally have a sense of power back.”

Body-Based Therapies: What’s different about them?

Body-based therapy (somatic therapy) is a newer approach to resolving trauma and stress, and it introduces a new way of looking at your concerns. Somatic therapy is gentle, it’s powerful, and it’s integrative: That means it works with your body, your mind, and your spirit, and it helps you to come to resolution.

Body-based therapy work differently than just “talking about it”:  when we work with your body, your mind, and your emotions, we can see and impact much more than we would with just words.

Somatic therapy helps us to gently bring  unfinished business to light, and resolve it. Instead of just talking about your feelings, we help you to get in touch with your mind, your body, and your feelings, and to change how you experience yourself in the world.

Somatic therapy helps you to gently get in touch with your voice, your power, and your ground.

If you’d like help to find your voice, stand your ground, and feel centered, schedule your consultation to discuss how a therapy that goes beyond “just talking” can help you, and experience firsthand what it can be like when your body, your thoughts, and your emotions all work together to help you to find lasting relief and resolution that move you toward calm, ease, and contentment in your work, life, and relationships.

To learn more about all the techniques I use (body based therapy is just one of them!), check out my techniques page.

Author: Michaela Lonning

I'm a counselor in Corvallis, Oregon, and I work mostly with intelligent and sensitive people who are struggling with a sense of connection to themselves or in their relationships. Near Corvallis? Come see me. Not near Corvallis? I work with clients around the world via Skype: Come see me.