Online Counseling

You may benefit from online counseling if:

  • Anxiety, depression, or mobility issues prevent you from easily coming to in-person therapy.
  • You need a counselor who understands complex trauma and/or highly smart or sensitive people, and there’s no such therapist in your area.
  • You want help with dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities)and/or systematic abuse
  • You have reason to be reluctant to share with a therapist in your community (Reasons for this include your abuser being a “pillar of the community”, or very entangled relationships where you’re not sure who to trust in your town.).
  • You are drawn to my website and videos, and you think that in-person interaction can help even more.

If you’d like to do distance counseling, you have options!

  1. Video counseling: With a webcam or smartphone, we can meet over Skype for counseling from the comfort of your own home. (I recommend this form of counseling, at least for a few sessions, because I pay so much attention to body language and calibrate what I say and how I work based on moment-by-moment cues from you!
  2. Phone counseling: Just talk, no video.
  3. Instant Messaging: This is real-time counseling done over instant messenger. Useful for people who have trouble speaking or hearing, and for people who benefit from a ┬árecord of the session so they can read it over and over. This might be for you if you want to have immediate interaction, but voice and video can feel like too much. This can help smooth the way if it’s really really hard to talk.
  4. Email Counseling: Good for people who find the instant interaction of in-person, video, and chat to be quite a lot. Email conversations give you time to type freely what’s hard to say, and to take in feedback at your own pace.

Interested in online counseling? Schedule your consultation with me on my Work With Me page.