Online Connections Coaching

If you’ve connected with some Youtube videos of mine or posts and wondering if you can work with me, the answer is yes! I do online work via Zoom (an easy thing to download to your own computer; it takes just minutes.) and you can schedule to meet with me for your initial consultation right here — just read through the page – it will help you be sure how I work is a good fit for you, and also walk you through my fees.  Then use the calendar/scheduler at the bottom and click on “New clients: initial session: online”
How to make your online counseling experience work for you:
1. Treat our coaching sessions just like you would treat an in-person meeting. Get ready for our meeting. (This one, I know from personal experience. I’m part of an early morning online group, and we videotape it. Once I saw firsthand what I looked like when I had just rolled out of bed and gone to the meeting versus what I looked like when I’d gotten up, had coffee, and taken the time to do my “real” morning routine, I realized it was very important to treat these meetings like in person meetings! I find it works the same with clients — the “vibe” is SO different when you’ve prepared versus when you haven’t. So take yourself and this work seriously enough to really get yourself in “meeting” mode rather than “roll over and press the on switch on my computer” mode. They’re two different things!
2. Have your computer set up in advance. Download Zoom. Test the sound and lighting through a video call with a friend or family member, or use the sound and video check options you’ll see on your screen. That way, you’ll be comfortable with the tech when we meet and all our time will go to counseling rather than troubleshooting. (Stuff comes up from time to time, and that’s okay. And if you must figure out tech in our first meeting, we’ll devote the time we need to to doing that. But you’ll likely find our time so much more efficient by having that all set.)
3. Commit to the process.
The best predictor of good  results is the connection you feel to your coach. If we both come prepared to connect, and prepared to be as present as we both can be, online coaching can be an excellent way to move forward with your healing.
For best results, you’ll continue to build support around you where you live too.  I’ll want to talk with you about your in-person supports and find out who they are. If you’re isolated, we’ll want to address that in our work together and help you to feel safe and comfortable reaching out to safe people, both online and in person.
I look forward to meeting with you, and to helping you to experience just how connective and transformative online connection coaching can be!