The Highly Sensitive Person in Therapy

If you’re highly sensitive, therapy will make a profound difference for you right from the start, because you’re more deeply impacted by relationships than most! This can be a real advantage, if you find a therapist that clicks with you and one who can honor your sensitivity.

The HSP in Therapy:

You notice the nuances in how your therapist communicates. You notice whether or not she’s being congruent and authentic. In fact, you may be more attuned to most therapists’ feelings than they are to yours.

There are ways you can optimize this. Here are some tips for the HSP in therapy:

  1. Choose your therapist wisely!
  2. Pay attention to what you need to feel safe, grounded, and secure in therapy. Honor these needs while collaborating with your therapist.
  3. Bring your sensitivity into the therapy, where you can work on it! Rather than hiding your observations and feelings, share them with your counselor.

As a highly sensitive person, you will be deeply impacted by the experience of therapy. You can choose wisely and ensure that this impact is profoundly positive for you!






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